Marble /Granite  top:

What is the advantage of having a Marble Top ?
Marble can hold up to heat as a heat condutor, it  does dissipate  heat quickly. Every slab has it own unique and  irregularities  that introudce an element of the nature beauty..

Can we use marble top for high traffic arreas ?
Yes, Marble has been used in all areas of home from furnishing to flooring, Indoor and outdoor as well. Marble has proven to be durable  materials and considered to be sturdier .

Does Marble or Granite Stain?
In 99% of our Marble are impregnated and it will not stain easily
This impregnating substance penetrates the stone deep below the surface, making it impervious to Red wine, Curry, Coffee or  any sauce
Clean up after meals you will never have a stain

Can I place a hot pan on my  Marble Top or Granite Top ?
Granite is formed by extreme heat and pressure , it will not be affected by heat as well as Marble unlike Quartz, it will experience the “heat shock” which potentially causing the cracks line (It may not happen offen but it is possible).

Introduce  our Quartzite:

What is Quartzite ?
Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. It is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate compression in the crust of the earth
Is Quartzite a better choice compare with Quartz?
If you want a natural stone, Quartzite is a better choice.
Quartzite is harder than Granite so it is very durable and hardest

And it withstands heat very well..most of all it has it nature beauty