Terms & Conditions

1. Marble, granite and sculptures (hand crafted) being natural product and therefore offering no absolute uniformity such as shade/colour/texture/veins/spots/water lines/holes/thickness variation is inherent and must be expected. Finish products are not identical.

2. All prices are stated in Singapore Dollar
3. Deposit will be forfeited when Order is cancelled
4. Goods sold are not subjected to return/exchange/refund
5. The prices stated in this Sales Order are meant for local delivery. Delivery to outside of Singapore mainland is not included. The Buyer is liable for additional charges incurred in packing and services rendered if the Buyer requests the Good(s) to be delivered outside of Singapore mainland.
6. The Seller reserves the rights to repossess the Good(s) in the event the Buyer fails to pay in full the balance amount upon receipt of the Good(s). Any request for re-delivery of the Good(s) will only be accepted after the Buyer honours the payment and second delivery charges.
7. . The Buyer shall inspect the Good(s) upon delivery. Should there be any visual defects, the Buyer must notify the Seller within 24 (twenty-four) hours after the delivery. The Seller reserves the rights not to address any complaints on visual defects after the stipulated time frame.
8. The Seller shall not be responsible for clearing any unwanted furniture from the Buyer. The cost incurred by the Seller in clearing such unwanted furniture, especially when it obstructs the moving in of the Good(s) into the Buyer’s premises, shall be borne by the Buyer.
9. The date and time of delivery shall not be a significant term of the Sales agreement. The date and time is only given as an approximate, and is subjected to other internal and external factors that the Seller shall not be held accountable for.
11. All transactions and Buyer’s information are kept in the strictest confidence. Buyer’s data are collected solely for the purposes of completing transactions, tracking product and services improvements etc.
12. Any disputes that cannot be resolved shall be referred to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) Mediation Panel for resolution by mediation.

13. The Singapore contractual laws shall apply to these Conditions of Sale.